Once we are contacted by either the client directly or the architect, we undertake the following steps:

1. Site survey

We make an appointment to inspect a site. On this occasion we discuss your plans with you, take photographs of possible problem areas / original features for either preservation or restoration in case of protected and period structures, make suggestions or advise of methods used to achieve your goal. At this stage we require a set of detailed drawings, unless they have been previously supplied.  It is most helpful for us if we are given an approximate budget. 

2. Pricing

Once we have a finalised set of drawings, we are able to obtain quotes from several suppliers and specialist sub-contractors in order to be as competitive as possible. Some of them may need to survey the site and in such cases, those visits are arranged with a client at the time of their convenience. Please note that utmost care is taken that specialist sub-contractors have experience with a specific type of build or existing structure (PassivHaus / 
protected structure / etc.), and we would recommend that the most competent ones are engaged.

3. Quote / tender submission

Once we have priced the project, detailed breakdown is sent to you.

4.  Tender meeting

After we submit our quote / tender a second meeting on site is arranged to discuss our quote with you. We literally ‘walk’ you through each element and explain why it is there and how it is connected to the other elements. This gives you through knowledge of the sequence of the works and it gives us an opportunity to make recommendations about any alternatives which may be either more cost efficient or generally more suitable for the build.   

4a. Re-quote

Should there be a need to alter any of the elements following the Tender meeting, we will re-submit amended quotation.

5.  Decision  

6.  Pre-project meeting

Should you decide to award the project to us, a meeting is arranged between the client and an architect is one is engaged, our Quantity Surveyor a site foreman and / or Michael Creedon to agree the project timeline, contract conditions, etc. 

A comprehensive log of all activities on site is kept at all times. All sites are supervised daily and weekly / fortnightly site meetings are arranged with the client and / or their architect. This gives everyone an opportunity to discuss progress, possible changes and alterations to original plans or scope of works, etc.